• The impact of Entrepreneurial Competencies on Entrepreneurial Intention   [MASS 2014]
  • Author(s)
  • Hui Wang
  • Based on theory of entrepreneurial competency and entrepreneurial intention, we deduced the hypotheses on how entrepreneurial competencies affect entrepreneurial intention. These hypotheses were tested with 362 samples data through SEM analysis. The analysis result shows that entrepreneurial competencies have significant impact on entrepreneurial intention, which explain 62 percent of variance of intention. The model show that entrepreneurial intention is significantly affected by four dimensions of entrepreneurial competency which are separately called entrepreneurial motivation, opportunity competency, innovation competency and relationship competency. Entrepreneurial motivation and opportunity competency have direct effect on entrepreneurial intention while innovation competency and relationship competency indirectly affect it. Actually the former two competencies are mediators for the latter two. Furthermore relationship competency have significant impact on innovation competency.
  • Entrepreneurial Competencies, Entrepreneurial Intention
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