• Preparation of Visible and UV Curable Chitosan Derivatives for Medical Application   [SCET 2017]
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  • Chitosan is a natural polymer with many useful properties and functions for biomedical applications. Of these, the most important properties that make chitosan particularly useful as biomaterials are its excellent biocompatibility and biodegradability. In addition, chitosan possesses an antibacterial activity. Low toxicity, additional function and increased water solubility are often required while maintaining original properties of chitosan when it is used as biomaterial. Growth factors are biomolecules, mainly proteins. They have been known to play crucial roles in many important biological processes. The examples include epidermal growth factor, transforming growth factor-β and bone morphogenetic protein-2, which promote cell growth and proliferation, synthesis of collagen and fibronectin, and osteoblastic differentiation, respectively. Despite of their diverse stimulating activities in many biological processes, their biomedical application has been limited largely. Because they have short-half life in body fluids causing a rapid loss of their stimulating activities once entered into a blood stream. Protein immobilization would provide an effective way to overcome this problem. A variety of immobilization methods have been developed. However, many of these methods use chemical agents that can potentially generate by-products that could cause the denaturation of immobilized proteins. Also, it is difficult to apply equally chemical method to various growth factors because amino acid residues are different from each other. To avoid these problems, we have used a photo-crosslinking method to immobilize growth factors using visible light and UV curable chitosan derivative. The additional advantages of using this method are a relatively simple cross-link procedure, low-cost, easy to scale-up, and low toxicity. We consider that this photo-crosslinking method will be widely used for the immobilization of various biomolecules to apply to medical field. Here, we report the preparation of photo-curable chitosan derivatives that can be used for the immobilization of various biomolecules via photo-crosslinking.
  • Preparation, Visible, UV Curable Chitosan Derivatives, Medical Application
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