• Human Plantar Pressure Image and Foot Shape Matching   [iCBBE 2015]
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  • Albert K. Chong
  • Medical doctors and podiatrists have been using plantar pressure for the evaluation of the foot loading in regard to foot biomechanics and foot health for decades. High plantar pressure can cause pain and foot injury such as plantar ulcer during walking. Two types of systems are suitable for pressure capture and they are commonly known as floor mat or floor pad and in-shoe pad. For the floor-mat system pressure values are displayed as an image which does not depict the foot shape. Therefore, shortcoming of these system for plantar pressure recording during walking is that the location of the pressure value related to the plantar surface is only approximate. A research was conducted to determine whether markers can be placed on the plantar surface and their positions identifiable on the pressure image. This paper describes the technique for matching the plantar shape to the pressure image during walking.
  • Human Plantar Pressure Image, Foot Shape Matching
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