• In Vitro and in Vivo Biomechanical Research on Cervical Arthroplasty and Fusion   [iCBBE 2015]
  • Author(s)
  • Zhenhua Liao
  • This study aims to evaluate the biomechanical and clinical evidence available and provide a systematic summary of cervical arthroplasty and fusion. The development of cervical cadaver specimens and well-defined test protocols for cervical biomechanical test are in-troduced. The major progress of biomechanical evaluation about cervical fusion, cervical arthroplasty, multilevel hybrid surgery and cervical coupled motion are analyzed. Con-cluding all these papers, the well-defined biomechanical testing method should be im-proved unceasingly. More studies about multilevel hybrid surgery and coupled motion characters are needed to reach a more reliable conclusion.
  • Vivo Biomechanical Research, Cervical Arthroplasty, Fusion
  • References

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