• Mechanical conditions affect intervertebral disc degeneration concerning its water retention   [iCBBE 2015]
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  • Weina W
  • Intervertebral disc plays an important role in conducting pressure and conferring flexibility of the spine. The disc degeneration occurs gently with age increasing. However, according to clinical data, specific occupations and life styles will largely aggravate this process. Sur-gery is an effective treatment for severe intervertebral disc disease, but spinal mechanical change caused by operation scheme and implants may accelerate adjacent segments’ le-sion. This paper reviews related research for deep insight into the relationship between mechanical conditions and intervertebral disc degeneration focusing on its water retention in mechanical conditions. Concluding all these papers, moderate load and movement is recommended to maintain the health of intervertebral disc. Therefore, biomechanical properties of different implants and operation schemes could be used as an evaluation criteria to determine their safety.
  • Mechanical conditions affect, disc degeneration concerning, water retention
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