• Effects of Captopril pretreatment on gp130 expression in rats with acute cardiomyocyte injury   [iCBBE 2015]
  • Author(s)
  • Yan Zhou
  • Effects of the pretreatment with captopril on myocardial apoptosis in myocardial injury and gp130 expression were studied in this experiment. 66 Male Wistar rats were randomly divided into control, Iso-induced injury and Cap-pretreated groups. The myocardial cell apoptosis was examined by TUNEL method, the expression of Bcl-2 and Bax proteins was detected by immunohistochemistry, and the expression of gp130 in the myocardial tissue was measured by Western blot. Compared with that in Iso-induced injury group, the apoptotic index of rats in Cap-pretreated group decreased, the level of Bax and gp130 expression decreased, but the expression of Bcl-2 increased (P <0.01 or < 0.05). Captopril could interfere with the apoptosis by affecting the regulation of apoptosis-related genes and the expression of gp130 in the process of myocardial tissue injury. Captopril may exert its inhibitory effect on the apoptosis both directly by blocking the formation of AngⅡ and indirectly by inhibiting the expression their receptor gpl30 in the myocardial injury.

  • Captopril pretreatment, gp130 expression, acute cardiomyocyte injury
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