• Presentation System of Traditional Knowledge Associated with Biodiversity on Tele Atlas3.3- Mongolian   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • LI Dongdong, LV Liang, GUO Luo, ZHAO Songting
  • This paper introduces the application of Tele Atlas3.3 on traditional knowledge associated with biodiversity of Mongolia. Based on the investigation on traditional resources and categories system of traditional knowledge of Mongolia, this paper designs the web pages of ethnic characteristics of Mongolia, such as traditional genetic resources, traditional medicine, and traditional culture. By using the software Tele Atlas 3.3, the study results have a presentation of traditional knowledge associated with biodiversity of Mongolia. It has great importance on the protection and dissemination of traditional knowledge associated with biodiversity of Mongolia.
  • visulization; traditional knowledge; Tele Atlas; presentation system
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