• Design and Implementation of Environmental Monitor and Dynamic Environmental Impact Assessment System of Highways   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Hao Cai, Cai Yanguang
  • This work is a continuation work of my former work on road environmental impact assessment. The first paper called "An Integrated Model for the Environmental Impact Assessment of Highways in China" has already been presented in IEEE Eurocon 2011 and published in IEEE Xplore. The article has applied Internet of things, GIS(Geographic Information System), Visual Reality(VR) etc. to research and develop the tools monitoring road environmental impact, as a way to improve the efficiency of road environmental impact assessment, with the advantage on time, labor, difficulty, directness and effectiveness. The system has applied sensors with network techniques to gather the datas. The main function of the system includes: project management, data collection, data pre- assessment, assessment on different road’s section, project evaluation, knowledge management, system management. The system is easy-access, the intelligent mechanism which provides from the system has improved the efficiency and quality of the assessment. The result of first testing is satisfied.
  • environmental impact assessment, environmental monitor, internet of things, decision-support system, monitoring system
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