• Regional Logistics Co-operation Mechanisms and Trend Analysis of China, Japan and South Korea   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Xu Yuekui, Sun Jun, Hu Xiaoguang
  • This paper explores the natural economic mechanism between the three regional and various forms of regional cooperation based on the regional logistics co-operation of China, Japan and South Korea, and establishes the trend of regional logistics co-operation model. Predicted results show the potential of the three regional logistics co-operation. These give the a realistic basis for the Co-operation policy choices. Therefore, the government of the three countries’ should be a win-win and mutually beneficial regional co-operation in creating a policy environment. This will be helpful for the form of the regional and ordering direction of regional integration with the inter-regional and international significance of the Comprehensive Development.
  • China, Japan and South Korea; Regional Logistics; Co-operation Mechanisms; Trend Mode
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