• Research on Selection Methods of Mixed Projects with Capital Restriction   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Huifang Cao, Jiekun Song
  • In the process of economic construction, a variety of investment opportunities await the enterprises. And mostly, there are more than one opportunities under consideration in each project. These projects can be mutually exclusive, independent , and they can also be a layer of mixed projects, where each independent project have several mutually exclusive alternatives. Whatever, in terms of selecting projects, our main purpose is to maximize the wealth of the enterprise. At the same time, the problem we face while selecting projects is the capital restriction. This article provides two methods, i.e., 􀆸PIR method and linear programming method, for selecting beneficial, appropriate and optimal projects from the mixed projects with the capital restriction.
  • mixed projects; capital restriction;􀆸PIR method; integer programming method;optimal selection
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