• An Optimization Model for Shelf Life-Constrained Sequencing and Scheduling   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Shuai Jia, Huai-li Chen
  • In most production industries, the sequencing and scheduling of production processes plays a dominant role due to the occupation of complex facilities and large proportion of manpower adopted. For products that perish fast in quality, the shelf life is a critical factor that affects companies’ profitability as customers are shelf life-sensitive. For those industries, product shelf life should be taken into consideration when making decisions on the production scheduling. In this paper, we use yogurt packaging lines as a case and an MILP model is presented for optimal scheduling in which maximum profitability can be obtained and product shelf life are also kept in a reasonable level. This model can be adopted in most industries where product quality management is in great consideration.
  • scheduling; shelf life; MILP; profitability; product quality management
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