• Microstructure and mechanical properties of NiTi2-TiB composite fabricated by spark plasma sintering   [CET 2015]
  • Author(s)
  • Masashi Yoshida
  • Composites of NiTi2-TiB have been fabricated using spark plasma sintering and mechanical properties have been investigated. Dense specimens of monolithic NiTi2 have been obtained by the sintering at 950℃. By the x-ray diffraction measurements it has been shown that NiTi2 co-exists with TiB in equilibrium at 950℃. The bending strength of NiTi2-TiB composite increases with increasing the volume fraction of TiB2 up to 60 vol%. The maximum bending strength of 730MPa has been obtained for NiTi2-60vol%TiB2 The Vickers hardness also increases with increasing the volume fraction of TiB up to 70% and the highest Vickers hardness of 1620Hv has been obtained for NiTi2-70%TiB.
  • NiTi2-TiB composite fabricated, spark plasma sintering
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