• Rapid screening and identification of multi-class substances of very high concern in textiles using liquid chromatography-hybrid linear ion trap orbitrap mass spectrometry   [CET 2015]
  • Author(s)
  • Zengyuan Niu, Li Zhang
  • A new analytical method was established and validated for the analysis of 19 substances of very highconcern (SVHCs) in textiles, including phthalic acid esters (PAEs), organotins (OTs), perfluorochemicals(PFCs) and flame retardants (FRs). After ultrasonic extraction in methanol, the textile samples were ana-lyzed by high performance liquid chromatography-hybrid linear ion trap Orbitrap high resolution massspectrometry (HPLC-LTQ/Orbitrap). The values of LOQ were in the range of 2-200 mg/kg. Recoveries at two levels (at the LOQ and at half the limit of regulation) ranged from 68% to 120%, and the repeatability was lower than 13%. This method was successfully applied to the screening of SVHCs in commercial textile samples and is useful for the fast screening of various SVHCs.
  • multi-class substances, textiles using liquid chromatography-hybrid linear ion, orbitrap mass spectrometry
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