• Research on Developed Road of Dynamic Marketing Capabilities Based on IMC   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Yan-hua Zhao, Xiao Wang, Ai-ying Jiao
  • Companies are facing more challenges during their marketing practice in the intricate and dynamic competitive environment. Construction of dynamic marketing capabilities based on integrated marketing communication(IMC)is company’s dynamic resource characterized by core capabilities of innovation, response and relationship, and it is also an important way to win the persistent marketing performance for companies. This paper probes that the capability of response can be improved by strengthening environmental sensibility and adaptability; the capability of relationship can be achieved by analyzing the demands of stakeholders and taking much concern on their changes; and the capability of innovation can be enhanced by means of individual and organizational knowledge management. The interaction of these capabilities will construct the persistent advanced system of dynamic marketing capabilities. This paper focused on a brief review of IMC and dynamic marketing capabilities literature, set up a framework of promoting route of dynamic marketing capabilities based on IMC. The authors hope the conclusion of this paper contributes to the persistent financial performance of the firm by promoting marketing capabilities in dynamic environmental conditions.
  • integrated marketing communication(IMC) ; stakeholders; dynamic marketing capabilities
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