• Economic Security Defense System and Its Structure   [EBM 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Lijun Dai, Hailong Wang
  • The human civilization in the unceasing progress, but human strife and was not accompanied by the development of technology and civilization and reduction. people always from a military point of view to explore the significance of national security before, however, nearly two hundred years of national security is not only the military and territorial scope, but has risen to the level of economic safety. The economic depression and the acuteness wave motion bring national and popular damage often no less than war, national security has not only confined to the military level, rather than from the perspective of economic security to prevent damage to native economy economic fluctuations, economic safety should become an important part of national security, and becomes the management state of long-term policy guide. From the countries of the world to the current economic security awareness, economic security at least includes the following four aspects: 1, monetary exchange rate. 2, rational economic structure. 3, domestic consumption stabilization. 4, reasonable government debt levels. Despite the economic security of the content of many, but these four aspects constitute the basic content of the national economic security, in the four over content we can build more economic security policy system.
  • Economic Security; Exchange Rate; Manufacturing; Consumption; Government Debt
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