• The Approaches of the Law Guarantee about the Social   [EBM 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Cuilian Fu, Meng Gao, Song Li
  • The evaluation mechanism of social stability risks of major issues can prevent and control social stability risks from its source, and provide important guarantee for maintaining social stability. The major issues of the social stability in risk management are the inevitable requirement of the construction of the law government. The irrational operation of the current traditional operation mechanism of maintaining stability including the operation cost, operation behavior and operation purpose of maintaining stability has become the incentive matters of affect social stability. According to the index system of the scientific social stability risk evaluation to measure, the major issues of the social stability in risk management prevent and dissolve the existing problems, then it provides reference basis for the government department to make risk management decision and implement risk management behavior so that the government realizes the positive social governance.
  • Major Issues; Social Stability Risks; Risk Management; Law Government
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