• Research on Total Electric Field for DC Lines Converted from Double-Circuit AC Lines   [APPEEC 2017]
  • Author(s)
  • Xiaoqian Ma
  • With rapid growth of power demand, transmission capacity is also in urgent need of upgrading. In some cases, converting existing AC transmission lines to DC lines can Improve the transmission capacity and reduce the construction investment. In this paper, the upstream finite element method was expanded to calculate the total electric field of same tower multi-circuit DC lines converted from double-circuit AC lines, and the validity of the algorithm was confirmed by experiments. Taking a DC line converted from a typical same tower 500 kV double-circuit AC transmission line as an example, the surface electric field and the ground total electric field in different pole conductor arrangement schemes were calculated and analyzed, and the critical height of pole conductors for DC lines in residential and non-residential area were determined. Then, the corridor width of DC and AC lines at critical height in residential and non-residential areas before and after AC-DC line transformation were compared. The results indicate that for DC lines converted from common 500kV double-circuit AC lines, the ground total electric field can meet the requirements of corresponding standard with appropriate pole conductor arrangement schemes.
  • Electric Field,Double-Circuit
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