• Study on Spatial -Temporal Pattern of Regional   [EBM 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Jian-xin Li, Ye-xi Zhong, Quan-en Guo
  • With the aid of ArcGIS, the study is done with the methods of statistical analysis. Based on the thorough analysis of absolute gap, relative gap, agglomeration feature, development level, development pace and spatial-temporal pattern of regional economics in Gannan Soviet Area. Some conclusions be put forward below:The relative differences in the regional economy was increasing, the absolute differences showed a tendency of decreasing; The degree of regional economic agglomeration was stable, But also begins to appear a tendency of downward ; Regional Economic Growth showed significant differences in the pattern of north and south.
  • Regional Economic; Spatial-Temporal Pattern; Gannan Soviet Area
  • References
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