• Resilience Enhancement of Power Systems with Renewables Integration   [APPEEC 2017]
  • Author(s)
  • Yunhe Hou
  • Resilience is well identified as one of the key functionaries of the future energy delivery systems. It enables a system to anticipate disasters, to absorb disturbance, and to restore from an outage. This presentation addresses the operating strategies for enhancing resilience of a system. The overall functionary requirements for a resilient power grid will be discussed first. The systematic solution to improve the self-healing capability, the key function of resilience, will be discussed in detail. A coordinative strategy for disturbance absorption and restoration will be proposed as one of the key technology for resilience enhancement. Especially, the method to involve the contribution of renewables during self-healing process will be discussed.
  • Resilience Enhancement, Renewables Integration, Power Systems
  • References

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