• OpenAccess
  • Parallel Simulation of 3D Wave Propagation by Domain Decomposition  [CET 2013]
  • DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2013.14002   PP.6 - 11
  • Author(s)
  • Galina Reshetova, Vladimir Tcheverda, Dmitry Vishnevsky
  • In order to perform large scale numerical simulation of wave propagation in 3D heterogeneous multiscale viscoelastic media, Finite Difference technique and its parallel implementation based on domain decomposition is used. A couple of typical statements of borehole geophysics are dealt with—sonic log and cross well measurements. Both of them are essentially multiscales, which claims to take into account heterogeneities of very different sizes in order to provide reliable results of simulations. Locally refined spatial grids help us to avoid the use of redundantly tiny grid cells in a target area, but cause some troubles with uniform load of Processor Units involved in computations. We present results of scalability tests together with results of numerical simulations for both statements performed for some realistic models.

  • Seismic Wave propagation; Sonic Log; Numerical Simulation; Domain Decomposition
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