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  • Neutron Irradiation of Electronic Materials at HANARO  [RERP 2014]
  • DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2014.29093   PP.837 - 842
  • Author(s)
  • Kee-Nam Choo, Man-Soon Cho, Byung-Hyuk Jun, Chan-Joong Kim, Sang-Jun Park
  • HANARO, a 30 MW open-pool type multipurpose research reactor, has been operated as a platform for nuclear researches in Korea, and irradiation facilities have been mainly utilized for various nuclear material irradiation tests requested by users. Although most irradiation tests have been related to national R&D relevant to nuclear power, demand for neutron irradiation of electro-magnetic materials is increasing rapidly at HANARO. Another research reactor, which is named the KIJANG research reactor (KJRR), is under construction in Korea. KJRR is dedicated to increasing the national radio-isotopes supply capacity and to the irradiation facilities including Neutron Transmutation Doping (NTD) facilities for power semiconductor production in a large scale and fast neutron irradiation (FNI) facility for fast neutron irradiation. The NTD and FNI facilities in the KJRR reactor can be effectively utilized on the study of separated effect of thermal and fast neutron irradiations on the properties of electro-magnetic materials. HANARO will also specialize more on irradiation research, including neutron irradiation of electronic materials. The research status and possibility of new electro-magnetic materials using neutron irradiation at HANARO are surveyed to ascertain the utilization of neutron irradiation technology in electro-magnetic material researches.

  • HANARO, Neutron, Irradiation, Electro-Magnetic Material
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