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  • Research of Magnetic Bias Control System Based on STATCOM  [CET 2016]
  • DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2016.43D002   PP.9 - 15
  • Author(s)
  • Zongqiang Zheng
  • As the most important style of reactive power compensation system, the research and design control system of static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) is an important aspect of keeping stable and normal operation. This paper analyzes the influences of bias magnetic to STATCOM, and proposes an effective magnetic bias control method and program realization, so reduced to producing two harmonics. It improves the quality and reliability of STATCOM output voltage; Finally, the tests are conducted in the ±500 kVar STATCOM, and the results show the validity and necessity of this compensation method.
  • Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), Magnetic Bias Control, Harmonic Suppression
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