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  • Research on the Later Influential Factors of College Students’ Online Shopping Satisfaction in the Network Building Festival  [EBM 2016]
  • DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.43003   PP.11 - 19
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  • Tongtong Geng, Yifeng Wang, Zeyuan Li
  • From double eleven Taobao online shopping Carnival to Dianping 517 Foodie Festival, the network building festival has become electricity marketing’s new means of innovation, and it has become the external manifestation of the “Internet +” action plan. However, most domestic scholars focus on the shopping experience, the satisfaction of the end of shopping behavior is less. Based on the domestic and foreign research results of customer's online shopping satisfaction, this paper makes a survey on college students who are the research objects, and uses the method of questionnaire survey and SPSS20.0 analysis software to analyze and evaluate the satisfaction degree of customer’s online shopping behavior. In this paper, the evaluation index system and model of College Students’ later satisfaction degree in shopping carnival are established, and it is help for electricity suppliers to improve customer's online shopping satisfaction in Shopping Festival.

  • Network Building Festival, Customer Behavior, Online Shopping Satisfaction
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